For practical custom-built solutions


We assist you with business consultation.  Read More.


We develop software and tailor it specifically to your business needs.  Read More.

Web Design

We design and develop fully functional web sites and applications.  Read More.

Bulk Email & SMS

We provide bulk email and SMS facilities.  Read More.

Software Development

We develop software and tailor it specifically to your business needs. Our experienced software developers allows us to employ a rapid development approach that can take us from business need to high quality implemented solutions, quickly and cost effectively.

We use modern technology which take advantage of the latest features and functions that drive competative advantage.

We provide regular maintenance releases of our software which will be updated automatically over the internet.

Web Design & Development

We design and develop both static and fully functional database driven web sites and applications that can help you access a broader client base via the internet. In addition, we are able to integrate your web application with custom built software or existing software solutions in your business.

Our web applications an databases are securely hosted by Hetzner, our hosting partner.

Bulk Email & SMS

We provide bulk email and SMS facilities which are fully integrated to your structured data and part of your business process. This enable you to automate communication to pre-defined groups of clients.

This facilities are generally part and parcel of your software solution and greatly simplifies bulk communication.


We assist you with business consultation in the areas of technology exploitation, process improvements and re-design, and in addition, provide project management services that would give you ease of mind and guaranteed solution delivery.

Once we understand your unique situation, we work with you to define the right solution which can be development of new software or the customisation of one of our existing products. Integration to your existing systems are a key part of this process.

We manage the development projects in our company ourselves. We can also assist you with project managing software development, data and product migration projects. We have extensive experience having managed multi million rand projects using various methodologies (e.g. Prince 2).