For practical custom-built solutions

Our Process

Perform needs analysis

We will assist you with defining the changes you want to make to your business. These changes can be brought on by business challenges, a new direction you want to take or perhaps a new product or service you want to sell.

The output of this phase clearly articulates your business need and how you want it to be addressed.

Prepare business case

Once we understand your business need we can assist you with preparing a business case that would state how we will go about solving the business need, what it would cost and how long it would take to implement the solution.

Build solution using lastest technology

We develop custom-built software tailored specifically for your needs. Our experienced software developers enable us to employ a rapid development approach that can take us from business need to high quality implemented solutions, quickly and cost effectively.

Our Technologies

PC Application Development

Programming Language: Microsoft Visual basic .Net
Server Database: MySQL on Linux
Local Database: Microsoft Access

Web Site Development

Server Language: PHP
Server Database: MySQL on Linux